About Metropolitan American Furnishings

The owners of Metropolitan American Furnishings started in the business by selling mattresses out of their garage. This endeavor eventually developed into a multi-million dollar business. Today, Metroplex Furniture Show buys from a multitude of furniture manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

We sell all types of household furnishings – furniture, appliances, and electronics – all below traditional retail prices. Our prices are generally 30-60% off other stores. We match our competitors’ prices as long as it does not prevent us from providing service at the highest of standards.

Whether your goal is to furnish just a living room or any other room in your house, we aim to suit your purpose. If you need to stick to a budget, match a style, or are searching for that item to fit a specific need, it’s EASY! Our products combine a balanced selection of prices and styles.

We are also known as the financing superstore. Choose from six different financing options: bank or institutional financing, as well as old-fashion buy here – pay here in house financing. It’s quick, it’s easy.


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on Metropolitan American Furnishings.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing, warranty and maintenance products very carefully.

Faster Delivery

Our staff is dedicated to efficient deliveries.